Leading Through Change (LTC) is a premiere contact call center, going beyond traditional call center services to interact with your customers via any channel you choose. In every channel, and in every interaction, we communicate your brand personality as enthusiastically as you do.  Whatever contact call center services you provide for your customers, our commitment to your brand comes through every time. What’s more, we share with you the best practices we’ve observed and implemented in contact call center outsourcing. These are among the solutions we offer:


  • ​Rapid Deployment

  • Customer Relations Management

  • OmniChannel Service

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Operations Support

  • Project Management

  • Bilingual Agents

  • Training

  • Technical Support

  • Progress Reporting

  • Quality Control System

Customer Service Management Approach

Our expert capacity for planning, executing, monitoring and controlling is our core strength. We have Project Management Professionals (PMP) certified by Project Management Institute (PMI) manning the operations. Unlike our competitors, our project management team specializes in launching new operations and deploying emergency surge response capacity.


We know how important it is to cultivate and maintain positive relationships with your customers. Whether you need customer support outsourcing for inbound or outbound processes, LTC's team of professional support agents is here to help.

We will work with your company every step of the way to ensure your customer's needs come first. Whether you connect with your customers by phone, email, web or chat; we have a team in place to answer questions and provide support for every interaction across all platforms.

Why Use LTC for Customer Service Outsourcing?

At LTC, our customer support outsourcing services begin with our agents. We are committed to the continued training and development of our customer support agents, which is why we are able to set up outsourced customer service solutions. Having an effective customer service strategy is more than answering calls, its a reflection of your voice to your customer. In addition to recruiting and training the best candidates in the industry, we provide our agents with targeted training on your company, its culture, and products to ensure that our outsourced contact call center is truly an extension of your brand.


LTC is able to offer clients 24/7 customer support solutions so your customers can get the assistance they need when they need it most. Our bilingual workforce delivers support to both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking customers, giving you an edge over your competitors. LTC will provide real-time data and reporting needed to aid you in making business decisions along the way and to measure performance and your strategic decisions. Your management team will receive daily, weekly and/or monthly data reports to aid you in measuring results and value.