LTC delivers mission-oriented virtual solutions to federal, state and local government agencies as well as commercial enterprises. We have delivered over 23 years of service to our clients, through our workforce and our partners.

Our Approach

We provide superior customer service as an extension of you through our remote contact call center. Our platform helps increase efficiency and deliver better customer experiences over all. LTC' team solves the most demanding call volumes through our proven system..

We Provide

  • Contact Tracing

  • ​Rapid Deployment

  • OmniChannel Service

  • Inbound and Outbound Communication

  • Customer Relations Management

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Project Management

  • Training

  • Technical Support

  • Progress Reporting

  • Quality Control System

  • Operations Support

  • Bilingual Agents

Our Motivator

Accomplishing your mission and targets is at the core of our existence.  LTC bridges the best aspects of our team with the efficiencies of our systems. We have an established presence and a proven track record in both, the federal and commercial space.  Formed in 1997, LTC’ team and partners stand behind delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions that make a difference to clients. We meet and often exceed your quality assurance metrics such as average speed of answering, first call resolution, average handling time and so much more. 


At our core of LTC is a belief system that embraces four core values: Care, Connection, Competency and Completion.  By living these values, we deliver on our promises to you and it ensures our continued success. 


Our founder said it best: “We know that our clients are as proud of their own companies and customers as we are of ours. And just as we work hard to protect and promote our company, we work just as hard to do the same for yours. That’s why we call ourselves the Brand Care people. Your Brand is our business, and we are passionate about your business.”

Your Culture is Our Culture


LTC’ culture is built around the brands we represent. We focus on your brand with our dedicated team of Brand Specialists and managers. We think of ourselves as working for your brand and we become fully immersed in the experience. Our collaborative process ensures our efforts align with the voice and spirit of your brand, allowing us to embrace your brand promise as our own.